Draw Hand

I’m trying to automate a draw hand (of 5 cards) action for a deckbuilder.

The draw deck is in a grid space on the main map. I have (on the cards) Send to Location actions (5) where it sends 1 space to the right, 2 spaces, etc. I set up a trigger action to sequence the 5 Send to Location (also on the cards).

I set a deck Global Key to trigger the sequence (affecting 1 card only so that it doesn’t trigger multiple times).

It sends ONE card to the right (for each send to) only.

Can someone offer some insight?

Your Global Key only affects 1 card and triggers the sequence. That’s your problem. You should try setting it up the other way, with a trigger that triggers 5 Global keys, each affecting 1 card in turn.

However, I suggest using private player hands and the automatic stacking effect so all this is unnecessary. You can just send 5 cards to the same location and the player hand will display them in a row.

No luck. Still moves 1 card multiple times.

Trigger 1
Perform these keystrokes:

Global key command a
keyboard command: a
global key command: ax
matching properties: DeckName==“deckname”
Fixed number of pieces: 1

(replace a with b-e for the other gkcs)

Send to hand a
keyboard command: ax
(coordinates etc.)

This set up can be seen in the old Mage Knight module version 1.8
The card-drawing set up I prefer can be seen in the new Mage Knight module 2.9.2

However, you can’t really go wrong with a simple set-up like I describe, so there’s probably no need to check out the modules.