Drawing 1 out of specific cards from whole deck

Hi guys. My first topic here. I have huge problem in implementing specific command.
I have a deck with 12 cards. And four of them are “Henchmen”
In this deck i also have 2 cards called “Recruiter”

I wish to make a Global Key Command on Recruiter to draw one of the Henchmens from the deck. I managed to draw all of them at once at best. Had anyone managed to make such a command work?

I actually managed to do it in slightly different way. I Draw all the henchmens to “Drawer” Deck with GKC and then via trigger action on each of the henchmen i get them back to original deck if there is more than one card in the “Drawer Deck”. Then i shuffle deck with GKC. (I don’t know why it shuffles the deck 15 times)

You can use a Global Key Command.
WIth a Matching Property pointing to the deck name && henchmen.
Within a Deck, apply to : Fixed Number of pieces: 1

Actually it doesn’t work. Because there are henchmens and recruiters are in one deck. So it applies only to the top card of the deck. (if top card is henchmen it works. Otherwise it doesnt)

Another way to do this is with a “flag” Global Property. Create a GP called “CardFoundGP” (or whatever you like). When you draw the card, first, set CardFoundGP to false, then use a GKC to send the “DrawHenchman” command to the entire deck. The DrawHenchman command, whcih would exist on only Henchmen cards, would apply only if CardFoundGP=false, and set CardFoundGP to true then apply the SendToLocation command. This way, only the first Henchman card in the deck would move.

Kerkael is correct on how to do it. I will go into a little more detail. Suppose you have a deck named “deck” that has henchmen and recruiter cards. Each henchman card has a property trait (marker): type = “henchman”. For each recruiter: type = “recruiter”. Each card also has a send-to-location trait with command “goHome” and other necessities.

The sending piece or map has a global key command that issues “goHome”. You select that a deck has fixed number of cards set to 1 or whatever number you want. For property match, you write {DeckName == “deck” && type == “henchman”}.

That’s it. Works for me.