Drawing cards facedown

I’ve been toying with the Command & Colors: Ancients module in the game editor and want to be able to draw cards from the draw pile so that they are face down when placed in the player hands window. Currently whenever I draw a card and place it on the game board or in a player hand it is always displayed face up. There is a box in the Deck editor that says “Draw new cards face up?” but whether it’s checked or unchecked makes not difference. The cards always display face up when placed on board or in a player hand. You would think that if the “Draw new cards face up?” box was left un-checked, then that would solve the problem, but it doesn’t.

Are you creating a new fresh game (not just loading a saved scenario) after changing the checkbox in the editor? Changing the module definition will not change the action of any existing Decks.


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This is a new fresh module. I used the current C&C:A v. 3.2, while viewed in the editor, as a guide to creating the deck. I’m using it as a “text book” on how to create my deck in my module. I am not modifying that module. The deck works fine but I just can’t get the cards to draw and stay face down. They will flip face down after being placed in a Player hand when I click on them, but then I’ve already seen them.

What I’m trying to do is set up a solitaire ability so that I can create a solitaire “opponent” player hand that I can only see the backs of the cards. That way when it’s the “opponent” turn I can draw a card from his hand and expose it when needed. I also might note that I created a Solo player in the player side definition in addition to Player 1 and Player 2. Solo is allowed access to both Player hand windows but I need the cards to be face down in which ever hand is the “opponent” so that I do not know what they are until I flip them.

I figured it out. In the Mask trait I needed to change the Display Style to “Use Image” and then choose the image for the back of the card. It works great. Thanks for the reply Brent.