Drawing cards from a deck

Hi all,

I searched for what I was looking for and came upon this thread:

vassalengine.org/forums/viewtopi … ht=dealing

This is pretty much what I want to do, but I do not understand Tim’s explanation of how to do this…

If Brent or Tim or tbyrne can better explain this, or create an example module so I can see it myself, that would be great.

Everytime I try to do this, I get pretty much all the darn cards in that deck moving to a location rather than just 1 or 2.



Dave, could you elaborate exactly what you want to do?

Where would the player execute the sequence from (i.e main toolbar or an At
start Stack w/ button)?

Would the cards be moving between windows or just on the same one? And are
any windows private?

With that info I’ll set you up a demo mod with 5 card deck that moves 3


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Basically, when someone ends there turn (hits a button on a private window starting an ‘end turn’ sequence), at the end of the sequence I want a certain number of cards from a deck on the main board to automatically be sent to their hand. The cards need to be randomly drawn.

I just worked out a small mod…it seems to work, but not perfect. It should be moving 2 and only 1 was dealt. Also, I have a trigger in the cards that when that land on the player hand, they should automatically flip…they do not. This could be a property of where the STL trait is located in the cards, though. I haven’t looked at it too closely.



I take it back…it doesn’t work at all…

I thought I had done it the first time, but I cannot reproduce it for anything…so, your expertise is needed, Sensai.


Here is a sample Dealer inside zip that also flips cards in player hand
What I havent done yet is reciprocate the DP’s (true/false) for when the card leaves a players hand so that the draw mechanism knows if it needs to get a new card or not for whichever position - I’ll add that tomorrow or you can if you like - it needs to be a trigger on the actual cards themselves shooting a GKC to the Dealer piece/appropiate DP.

This may also answer your other question in the other thread about position but I’ll get to that and the reciprocation tomorrow - its late :slight_smile: :wink: