Drawing specific card problem on an iMac

In two modules recently I have experienced trouble when trying to draw a specific card from a deck. This has happened in the module for “The Fog of War” as well as “1960”. I am using an iMac and in both these cases was using the version of Vassal (3.2.17) for which the module was designed (rather than the most current version). In both cases my opponent was using a Windows machine and did not have any trouble.
What happens is that after right clicking on the deck in question and left clicking on ‘draw specific cards’, making my choice of a certain card in the pop-up window and clicking OK, when I then draw a card off the top it is not the one I highlighted. This can happen two or three times (each time repeating the full procedure of choosing a specific card) before the one I want and have been highlighting actually comes up when I drag the top card off the deck.
Any ideas regarding this? Is this a glitch specific to iMacs? Anything I can do to get around it (short of getting a Windows machine!)?

A couple of notes:

(1) Using a fairly old version like 3.2.17 is probably a mistake. Compatibility with modules made with earlier versions has been a VASSAL hallmark since the beginning. So by sticking with a really old version you’re usually just sticking with “more bugs”. There are occasionally brief periods in which a newer version hasn’t dealt with some oddity, but they are fixed quickly when they are reported.
(2) Also – no bug fixes are ever done on “earlier versions of VASSAL” – when bug fixes are done, they are usually what end up creating new versions of VASSAL, and by far the majority of every new version’s change list consists of bug fixes. So when you run into a bug, especially in an antiquated version, the best thing to do is try the newest version, because there is at least a reasonable chance that one of the bugs we fixed was yours!
(3) I ran the module using the latest VASSAL version (3.5.5) and had no problems doing what you describe – I right click on the deck, I select “draw specific cards”, the menu comes up, I select one of the cards, click okay, and then drag a card off the deck – and get the card I selected.

So I would say the first thing to do is upgrade to the latest version of VASSAL and try that? If you do try it in the latest version and are still having problems, please let us know!


Thank you, Brian. I will do as you recommend. I’m no programmer and had to guess which approach was better (sticking with the original module variant for a particular game or always using the newest one) and guessed wrong!
Sorry that PREZCON had to be skipped this year; see you at the TwS tournament next year…