Duel of Ages

Duel of Ages is an excellent example of a game that would play well over Email… The only downside being the sheer number of cards in the game.

Has anyone attempted to tackle a module for this game yet?

It’s possible that the publisher will not OK a VASSAL module for release. You cannot (or should not) post a module here if the publisher hasn’t given permission to do so.


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Just to clarify, I wasn’t asking if a module was up for distribution (it would be on the list if that were the case) I was simply wondering if anyone had done any work on a module for this game… I would never suggest that someone distribute without permission. That’s just bad form, if not outright illegal.

What I WAS asking was whether or not anyone had spent time trying to build a module for it, and if so, if they had even asked Venatic Games if they’d give permission. I’d hate to duplicate effort if someone had already done the work, and I wouldn’t want to go asking permission near the end of a long project to discover that someone had already asked and had been rejected.