EastFront/ EuroFront/WestFront

A speculative post to see if there are any UK players of this great series of games out there. I’d love to play ftf occassionally (I live west of London), but equally happy to play someone over Vassal. I know players in loads of countries thanks to Vassal, but not in the UK.

If you might be interested, even if it is to learn the game, do drop me a PM.


I own East Front but have never played it - I’ll give it a try on Vassal if you want. Is there a Mod. for it, have not looked yet.


Yes, there is a good module on Vassal, EuroFront (covers all three games). And more than happy to take you through a trial game or two.

Happy to do either live or pbem (it is one of the better games pbem as each player has a substantial turn so as long as you let the attacker roll the defenders combat dice you can do a complete fortnight for one side as a single vsav file).

Let me know what works for you when you are ready. And I’ll send you my email.