Anyone for Eclipse?

Yes. How would it work?

I’m in the lobby now if you’re still looking for a game.

I’d be in as well if you guys are still looking for players.

Just played a 2p game SuperUberBob. Still in lobby if you’re around.

Anyone up for a game today? I’m in the lobby.

Hi folks,
I am brand new on this VASSAL page. I am looking for a possibility to play a Round Eclipse w/o add ons. I own the Eclipse (Boardgame) and played it only two times with friends so far (on a board) and three times by myself to get familiar with the rules.
I live in Germany and I am interested to play it via VASSAL in real time.
Usually I have time after work in the evening around 7 pm local time. So … where is the lobby? :slight_smile:
Greetings from Cologne. Claasen

Hi Claasen,

In order to see the lobby you just need to install Vassal from here:

And then also download the game module here:

Then just launch Vassal and open up the module, then select “Look for online game” and you will see the lobby load up.

Easy. I thought the Lobby is in the chat area. So…I will try.
VASSAL and Eclipse are already installed.

Ok cool. 7pm your time is about 1pm local here which works perfectly for me.

Hmmm…I have now 09:16 pm local time…so 2 hours less means 11 am for you, stogrady. US East Coast?

Yes I’m in the east coast and you mentioned that 7pm is when you’d be able to play. So that would be 1pm my time most days which would be perfect. It’s 3:20pm here right now, I just meant in general.

Ok. I got it. You are right.
To VASSAL Eclipse…I think with three players it would be fine for a first try. Then it is also possible to finish it in maybe 3-4 hours?
But not today. I will do now some World of Tanks rounds and then…bedtime. I have to work tomorrow.
Do you know how to get this starting hex from your race into the homeworld hex of the map in the VASSAL-Eclipse? I read the instructions but … I can only move the Influence Marker and the Ship onto the homeworld hex.

Shift click it and then you will be able to move it.

I am the same as Claasan. I have never used Vassal before so those links will be helpful.

If you’re around in the next few hours Hawninge let me know and we can try a game.

It will not let me download this in work, I will try and do it home.

Ok. What time zone are you in?


Ok cool. What time do you get home from work your time?