Edit a key string; cursor jumps to end of string

I find that if I try to edit an existing key string, I get a wonky behavior. (“key string” = the string replacement for a key stroke used in all GKCs et al.) Whenever I delete or insert a character in an existing key string, the cursor jumps to the end of the string.

Example: My key string is “GoHome.” The capital “G” should be lower case, so I move the cursor to just after the “G,” type backspace, and type “g.” I get this instead “oHomeg.”

This happens to all key strings everywhere. Every time I punch a key (except the arrows), the cursor jumps to the end of the string. Funny, but I thought this was fixed, but I don’t remember. This is not a deal breaker, but it’s a nuisance nonetheless.

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Try a current build, e.g., VASSAL-3.6.0-SNAPSHOT-5b3a16c. This sounds like 10476, which @Brent_Easton fixed last week.

I see beta3 fixed it. Thanks.