Edit all contained pieces bug?

I edited 1 card in a deck, mostly due to an image issue, by deleting and re-importing the card & filename through the “Add multiple cards” item.

I used “edit all contained pieces” to re-apply the prototype for the deck.

Unfortunately it didn’t apply the “edit all contained pieces” to the new card. So the mask, for example, wasn’t applied. I had to chase down what happened, and re-did the “edit all contained pieces” to re-add the prototype, just in case I had forgotten to.

Still the bug persisted. I only knew the deck wasn’t masking. Turned out the 1 card had never had the prototype applied to it, it floated to the top of the deck, etc. I figured out where the error happened going back through my own change log and inspecting the individual card.

Expected behavior would be that the “edit all contained pieces” command would apply to all cards, even when only one newly added or replaced card, in the deck.

This function is variable in terms of results obtained. The function works with the first card/counter in the deck. If every other card/counter in that deck have exactly the same traits (and number of traits), then it will work. If any card/counter in the deck varies the number of traits, it is ignored. Be very careful with using this function. Some traits will be copied to every card/counter in the deck (Layer trait is but one).

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Ick — generally all my pieces just need all the same traits (a card deck that draws but cards aren’t marked with special effects or values (yet)). But this is good to know — and this “feature”(?) could be documented as a known limitation.

I don’t see this command under the deck Help menu (Home > Module > Map > Deck) where the command is found…and the Help button on the Edit all contained pieces panel is for whatever traits are highlighted.

Thanks for letting me know. Suggest documenting this “bug/feature”?

Two Features for 3.6.8 - Feature Requests - Vassal (vassalengine.org)

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