Edit multiple pieces?

I am struggling to make a VASSAL module. I had some help making an early version where the unit piece images were at 300 DPI, which made them too big. I rescaled the piece images to 150 DPI and was wondering if there is a simple way to mass replace the images ?


Mad Dog

As long as the new images have the same filename as the previous ones, you could simply unzip the module, copy in the new images and re-zip it.


To further elaborate if you’re unfamiliar…

The vmod is just a zip. Change the vmod to zip and unzip it. You’ll find an image folder. Overwrite your old graphic files with your new ones. Re-zip everything and change it back to vmod.


[slaps forehead]…damn, thats embarrassing that didn’t see that before.


Mad Dog

Can I ask why you have anything higher than 72 DPI when 72 DPI is the highest resolution a screen can show, isn’t it?

VASSAL allows zooming in arbitrary amounts, so higher DPI images can be extremely useful.

Edit: Also, you’re very out-of-date if you still think displays are limited to 72 dpi. My 27-inch 1440p monitor has a PPI of about 108, for example, and phone displays can get into the many hundreds (see this page, for more examples).

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Oh, OK, yes it is a long time since I was learning about making web pages and every book I read said that. That makes getting the file size smaller more difficult!

Why are you trying to reduce file size? What makes you think you need to?