Editing a large module

I have been making changes to a very large module that is stored as a zip file. If I view it with J-zip it has several set-up and help files and then a folder that contains the bulk of the images. I have successfully added images to that folder using J-zip and then with the Module Editor I was able to use the new images to make some additional pieces.

Now I’m trying to add some more help files to those that existed already in the top level of the zip file. I used the same approach, i.e. I inserted the new help files into the module with J-zip. However after using the Module Editor to create some new Help items which reference the new files, whenever I save the result the output is named “temp1.zip” instead of “.zip”. If I save again I get a “temp2.zip” file.

Why is this happening?

I’ve found my problem in case anyone else ever runs into this.

I was experimenting with hyperlinks in the help files and since the Help menu is accessible on the fly during module editing I was testing the changes as I was making them. Invariably there would be a broken link during testing. Once this happened, any subsequent save was producing the “temp” files. If I create the hyperlinked files and test them all externally with just my browser (Chrome), and then just make the changes to the Help items with the Module Editor and perform a save - then it works the way it is supposed to.