Editing existing modules

Hey all,

First time posting, so yay.

Anyway, I’m designing a turn-based tank game. Some people on another forum came up with these rules for table-top use, and after making some modifications for playability and to not have them be totally broken, I wanted to make a set of rules for Vassal for on-line play and for playtesting.

My primary question is how do I edit an existing module to get at some of the delicious bits inside that I want to use. Basically, the game is based off of the Warhammer 40k Universe, and as such, I wanted to use the Vassal40k module. However, the game rules that I’ve helped create do not have the legal issues that V40k have, in terms of IP and copyrights.

If someone could help me out with my questions, I’d greatly appreciate it. Of course, full credit will go out to all the parties involved and such.

EDIT: Nevermind. I found the problem. I just don’t know anything about Java, it seems. Oh well.