Editing Extensions and use of wildcards

Apologies, I have tried to find answers for 2 basic questions - sorry if I’m overlooking the obvious but can anyone tell me

a) how do you get a saved .vmdx ext file into the module manager in order to access the ‘edit’ ext rather than New and Add options accessed by r-click on a mod? Is the manual ref in error?


b) can you use wildcards * when referring to property names in a Global Key Command rather than having to chain full names?



I don’t have any extension experience to answer your first question but…

You can’t use wildcards but you can use Markers on pieces to select several at a time. Is this what you’re trying to do? For example, you can have several pieces with a Marker trait like Tank = True. Then you can put that in your property filters on the GKC and have it affect all pieces where Tank = True.

Does that help?

Many thanks - its a great help opening up a lot of avenues.

On the first question I can’t help thinking I am missing something really obvious - the Designer’s Guide is excellent. but is there anywhere else I might find info on extensions?



If I understand the question, you’re saying that the .vmdx file already exists; all you want to do is open it in the editor?

If that’s the case, add it as an extension to a module first. Then it will show up in the module manager.

Right click the base module you want to add it to. Pick Add Extension, browse to your vmdx file, and select it.

Then you can pick the extension and pick Edit Extension.

Exactly right and so obvious - when you know what lies behind the terminology. I had been adding the ext, but clicking on the mod name not the o-- symbol ( duh!). An edit suggestion for pg 107 of the designers guide to make it foolproof?

Many thanks to both of you as forum vets for taking the time to answe the most mudane set of questions and sending this dummy in the right direction.



You’re welcome:) Great suggestion…I will add this to the next rev of the Designer’s Guide.