editing the buildfile

I was able to extract the buildfile from my mod and I needed to copy and paste some symbolic die faces into it from a previous version of my mod that suddenly wouldnt let me access it. I can edit it with wordpad, but how do I put it back into the mod overwriting the previous buildfile?

I think if you open the .mod with winzip, open the built file,change it and save it, it’s integrated into the zip file itself

Thus spake “emaluzer”:

Were you successful at this?

BTW, you shouldn’t use wordpad for editing the buildFile, as wordpad is
a word processor, not a text editor. Editing a plain text file with a
word processor will potentially mess up your file. If you’re on Windows,
you most likely have notepad installed, which is the world’s crappiest
text editor. You might find notepad adequate if you’re not doing too much
with it. Many free, open-source text editors are available (vim, emacs,
nano are among them) if you want to use something better than notepad.


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