Editor hangs when editing Grid Numbering on large grids

I have a hex map that has largish hexes. I have a laptop running Windows Vista with a 1440x900 pixel display.

When I edit a Grid Numbering element, I believe the large-size grid causes at least the first bug below, but perhaps all three are related:

  1. The “OK”, “Cancel”, “Help” are off the bottom of my screen. The layout of the Grid sample is obviously taking up too much space. I attached an image of that.

  2. Clicking “draw numbering?” causes the editor to hang. The check box looks like it’s about to change state (kinda like a button that is depressed but not yet released). See second image. The only way out is to click the “x” in the editor window.

  3. If I try to add a Grid Numbering again, then first change the Grid Numbering options (e.g., Horizontal numbering is “alphabetic”), then “draw numbering?” does allow to be checked. I can tab to move the focus to “OK”, then press spacebar (as if I clicked OK), so the Grid Numbering gets added. However, when I open the Grid Numbering element created under the Grid, it hangs the editor.

By “hangs” I mean that the display of the editor window does not refresh. It doesn’t paint even once for bug #3. Clicking the “X” will exit.

Could you post the values you are using for sizes pls.


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Ya, should have posted that. The Hex Grid has:
Hex height: 150.5
Hex width: 129.73682326955804