Empire of the Sun: Future Offensives

I posted this under “discussion” in the Empire of the Sun module page, but maybe this was not the right place so I’m posting it here too.

How can you set a card as a Future Offensive card? If I place it on the board face-down, there are 2 problems:

  1. My opponent can know the card number with a mouseover, so it is not hidden.
  2. I cannot easily check the card without flipping it and thus revealing it.

Grateful for any help.

This discussion is at least 5 years old. However in case anyone goes looking both issues should have been resolved since 4.3N

  1. The mouse over should only display what the mask says it should display, which is usually (?)
  2. The Mask has been upgraded to be a simple border with a label on the lower right corner saying: “Card Hidden” so you the owning player knows the card is face down.

So freely set a card down on the board (BUT FACE-DOWN!) whenever you want to set a card as a future offensive.