Empires in Arms?

Anyone looking to start a game or need a player for a game or need a replacement player?

I’m new to VASSAL and am interested in using it for EiA.

I might like to play this if there is a group who does not mind someone playing it for the first time.

gentlemen…I would like to get into a 7 man game of EiA. Another person I know just learned how to use vassal and would like to play EiA. We are both in the USA eastern time zone.

Can we get 3 more players?

USA Eastern Time… and I too would like to play EiA with a big group (however, be aware I have had the game for a long time but have not played it ever).

mechanically it’s not a tough game to learn. Hopefully, NeverMan is still interested. Let’s hope we can get 3 more players.

I would like to join, I’m in the GMT+1 time zone though.