Enabling Solitaire Role

Folks, I am a newbie. I am the Designer a new game (Compass Games release of NATO: compassgames.com/nato-the-n … ition.html). I am saving Scenarios in Solitaire Mode (the role I have chosen is Solitaire). My playtesters are reporting that they cannot open the Scenario files in Solitaire Mode, they are forced to choose one side or the other (the option simply does not appear when they attempt to open the Scenario file). Since most of my playtesters are playing Solitaire, this is crippling playtesting.

Any ideas on how I can enable Solitaire mode for someone other than myself when they open the file I have saved?

Here is the latest Vassal Module for the game: 1drv.ms/u/s!AnluL593dkaYhdpeY0-Q1KeObC0yIA

Regards - Bruce Maxwell

Yes. Before you actually save your scenario file, you must give up the Solitaire player side by using the Retire feature (usually a button in the main toolbar) and taking the observer role, which is the state of not occupying a player side.

If you remain in the Solitaire player side at the moment you save, that player side becomes locked by your personal module password, and thereafter unavailable to all players who load this setup file.

Thank you!

The forced password is the cause why I stll use VASSAL vers 3.5.1

Would you describe what you’re referring to here? I don’t understand what you mean.