Error dragging vehicle counter from the VASL Counters Window

I did try to post the log, but I don’t see any way to attach it, and trying to include the log in the post returns an error: new users are only allowed to add 2 links to a post. Anyway, hope what I was able to add below is helpful…thanks!

Dragging Vehicle counter the Allied O/B → Allied Minor → Belgian tab throws an Uncaught Exception error. Once error occurs, am unable to drag additional counters to the map unless VASL is restarted.

VASSL Version 3.6.1, VASL Version 6.6.3
Running on an iMac M1

  • Neither Vassal 3.6.1 nor VASL 6.6.3 are current. (Current Vassal is 3.6.3, current VASL is as I write this.) Does the problem still occur with the current versions?

  • Can you paste the error log here instead?

Hey Joel, sorry to waste your time, looks like it is working using 3.6.3/


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No problem. This is why I always ask people to try the most recent versions.