Error when updating module to Vassal 3.6.3 format

I have previously made some changes to version 2.3 of the Combat Commander Europe module.
Version 2.4 should be compatible with the newer versions of Vassal, so I wanted to port my changes and custom code to 2.4.

When I load 2.4 into the Vassal 3.6.3 editor, I get a warning, that the module was created with an older version of Vassal and will be updated when saved. This makes sense and I decided to save the module without making any changes, just to get it updated. But when I did that, I got this error:

This must be an error in the module updater.


Look in the buildfile.xml inside the module. What’s likely happened is that you’ve ended up with more than one <> element inside the main map. Remove one of them and this message will go away.

Just to be clear, editing the module in 3.6.3 hasn’t caused this problem, it has probably been there for years and is due to a bug (since fixed) in older versions of Vassal. We added some additional error checking into 3.6 to check for unusual and weird config problems.

Given that your module has worked for years with this problem, you could probably safely ignore this error, but as you are updating the module anyway, best it clean it up.

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