Europe Engulfed opponent wanted!


Thanks for the game you win :slight_smile:

I know we were not done but somthing came up and I will not have the time to continue our game. Please take my suggestion and play other games besides dice games. ;)


Okay, since the last guy bailed out on me :angry: does anyone else want a game? 1939, no optional rules, I don’t care what side I’m on, live match. Please reply! :slight_smile:


  • Joey.

EE is incredibly unforgiving of mistakes when you start in 1939. I’ve had 3 opponents drop after the first three turns. I’m becoming somewhat of an expert at the opening moves because none of my games get any further.

Hint to prospective new players, FOLLOW THE PLAYBOOK OPENING. Unless you’re an expert, deviating from this rarely, if ever, works.


Maybe you could make a VASSAL logfile tutorial on the opening moves? Also helps when learning the game rules to see a sample game.