Europe Engulfed - Who helped w/ development?

I’ve been updating the Europe Engulfed module (from the 1.7 branch).

I’m getting close to an alpha / Minimum Viable Product update…

Two questions:

  1. Who made significant development contributions…? Ben is listed in the original “About” splash screen and Brent is listed in the early version notes. Anyone else significant who should be recognized?

  2. What are best practices for testing & review prior to publishing on the site? I’m planning for a couple months of local alpha testing… Are there any standards for test/review prior to uploading an update?

Preview of updates:

  1. 1 button deployment of Neutrals, Vichy, & Annual Force Pool Changes
  2. Inventories of units
  3. Power specific Force Pools
  4. Expert/Optional rules implementations
  5. JFF variants
  6. automated weather resolution

I redrew the map for the 1.7 release. I don’t know if that same map went on into the 2.0 or later releases though. Full name is Gary Krockover (GJK).