Europe Engulfed

Who knows this Classic Block game? Epic! Simply my favorite.
I’d love to find a good Russian Player. I play the Axis well, usually.


Hi Daniel,

I have played this game before and would enjoy playing the Russians. I only have one game under my belt, but I do have experience with Third Reich, Here I Stand, Virgin Queen, and other reasonably complex games with long rule books. Based on that, I think I can brush up on the rules and present at least a decent challenge.

Let me know if you are interested. I’d strongly prefer 3p given that I am not super experienced with this game. Maybe we can find someone to take on the Brits?


Hi, I’m interested to play with you if you still are looking for someone to play with the brits.

Let me know if you want.


I will destroy you and eat your livers with the Russian Hordes.

Russian Campaign (because it’s not too complex, plays well, is suited for remote play, and provides realistic results).

Third Reich (even though it’s kind of slow for the Russians in the campaign (always preferred) game, and expect to spend a lot of time referencing the rules).

Hitlers War (I know where to download a good semi automated free computer version [not vassal] network capable but I’m not sure how to make it network). It’s an excellent game.