Exchange Images (with larger ones)


if I exchange an image with a larger version in the vmod (zip) does that imply that the gamepiece using that image will instantly behave like having used the larger image before or do I have to reset the image with the module editor to change the behaviour ?

For example I have a deck of cards. I want to change all the images to ones of 1.5 the size, because I am not happy with the resolution. If I now just exchange the images in the vmod (zip) without using the editor, will it work like having set the bigger ones in the editor in the first place without any problems ?

Or would it be save to change every card in the module editor ? ( That might be a whole lot of work considering a deck of 100+ cards)

Only if there’s some trait that relies on the specific dimensions of the piece. For example, the action button trait needs you to specify the coordinates of the button.

Otherwise, if you re-zip the file correctly, all should be well.

Ok, now I am already at the point where I am using at-start stacks to place those boards on place. Still wondering if there is something more sophisticated solution using different map boards.

Whoops. Sorry, went to wrong thread.