Exclude other players/observers,moving pieces - RFE:1860955

We have the problem, that from time to time there are some people that try to ruin the game by joinin and moving the pieces around. They even go so far to folllow people form room to room before they can close the room.

So is it possible to implete a feature to exclude others player/observers that joined after the excluding player or only by the creator of the room?

Or could it be possible to limit the number of players when creating a room, so that all other must be observers and that observers can move pieces?

Or to create privte room with access for other players only by invitation.

I never had such situation but I can imagine how frustrating it must be.

That wouldn’t be WH 40k by any chance? WH attracts some rather strange characters at times! :confused:

But I dont think we should let suffer the normal people that like to play because of this.

Then, we implement different ways that allow this to be applied to players

BTW, If you implement Sides in a module, then it is possible to use the Restrict Access trait to prevent Observers from moving pieces.

Further than this, you really don’t want Observers pressing Dice Roll buttons etc.


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