Expansion options during Wizard.

I am just in the early stages odf my first expansion. Is ther away to have it ask you if you want to use this expansion or not during your game setup?

Or do you just have to build multiple pre-setups with and without expansions?

There are a few options.

1.) You can just have two different modules, but then you have to edit both whenever you want to make a change.

2.) You can use extensions, which basically let you add to (but not modify or rearrange) any of the module components and save them as a separate file. These can be a pain to implement if you make any MAJOR changes to the base module, and inability to rearrange components can sometimes be problematic depending on the needs of your expansion.

3.) You can use multiple boards and assign certain stacks and decks to only appear on the expansion board. Easy to do and easy on the user, but you can’t have decks or stacks with mixed components because you have to associate the entire stack with a board instead of individual pieces.

4.) If you have expansion and non-expansion cards mixed in the same deck, you can add a delete trait to just expansion materials and add a right click option. This isn’t user friendly but it is easy to implement and it complements number 3.

Personally, I use 3 and 4 in my module. You can select which board to use, but if you play with the regular board, you just have to remember to right click each deck and remove expansion components. It’s not that big of a deal.