Expose player hand to another side mid-game

There are currently 2 options for player hand accessibility–you can make them viewable by a specified side (or sides), or open to all players. Once these properties are set, they aren’t able to be modified within the game.

Would it be possible to create a preference, toggle, or some other mechanism for temporarily adding a player to the list of sides eligible to view a player hand? I am working on games where some card events allow a player to inspect someone else’s hand of cards. Right now I can’t think of an elegant way of handling this short of instructing players to communicate via email or private message.

I’m visualizing some setting on my player hand (which would normally be inaccessible to other players) where I could see all player sides in the game, then tick a box next to the one(s) who would be given access to my hand until I untick the box. Then when the log went out, the toolbar button that accesses my player hand would be lit up/available for the player I chose.

This would be a nice feature as I have the same problem in TBK in that a player may have a special ability to few another players spells …something that’s normally kept secret.

Here’s what I’m doing as a workaround for the time being. I’m including a right-click option on the spell cards of “Send to…”. When it’s selected, you can select the player you wish to send the card to. It will go to their spell book and they can send it back with the same option once they’ve viewed it. A bit cumbersome if you’ve got 8 cards in your hand and the other player gets to see them all but it works.

That option had occurred to me as well, and I’m already using something like it to handle “give a random card to someone else”, but it would be better if cards didn’t have to actually move. I can already picture someone forgetting to send all the cards back, or losing track of what he had in his hand before the other person’s cards showed up and sending back the wrong card.

You could automate the ‘Send Back’ command on each piece (it’s part of the Send to Location trait). Set up a GKC to trigger each Send Back automatically. Then use a turn-based global hotkey to trigger the GKC at the end of each turn. This way, every time the turn counter is advanced, any cards that were moved get sent back to their owners automatically.

What you are describing is not at all desirable for the game in question (I won’t bore you with the reasons). I think I’d rather leave this out altogether than try to accomplish it with a bunch of GKCs/triggers/STLs that have cards flying around between hands.