Expose Range function

I think this is a new feature request but if I’ve missed something and you know of an easy way to do this in Vassal 3.4.2, please let me know…

The LoS Thread provides a Range between two locations. It would be sweet if this was available via a Vassal expression function.

Something along the lines of Range(GridLocationA, GridLocationB, [map]) or Range(X1,Y1, X2,Y2, [map]) might do the trick.

Perhaps there is a need / use to be able to specific Board or Zone in place of [map], I will leave that to those better versed in the Vassal architecture.

Has anyone ever found a way to utilize Range? It doesn’t seem like Range is exposed at all other than within the LoS thread. I was hoping that after measuring, it would show up as a global or map level property, but no dice.