Expression Builder improvements - Insert

I have made a number of improvements to the Insert functionality of the Expression Builder

  • Display all available properties from all components structured in the same way as the components of the module are built instead of all the global properties being dumped in one menu.
  • Available Global properties now appear without having to start a game. Previously, globals like Deck and Zone properties where not available unless you had started a game.
  • Property and component names are sorted, except for the Piece Property menu where the traits are displayed in the same order they exist in the counter.
  • If a menu has too many options to fit on the screen, it is now scrollable, instead of stretching off the screen and leaving some properties inaccessible.

These changes where all done as part of fix for Bug 4323 -Expression builder / Inserting global property / no scrolling and have been commited to svn 8297