Expression Builder Syntax

I’m sure I’ve missed something very simply but I can’t seems to get the || (or) evaluations to work. Anyone have any suggestions?

This expression works fine
Type==“HQ” && Side==$PlayerSide$
but when I add the or evaluation
Type==“HQ” && ((Side==$PlayerSide$) || (SIde==“Solo”))
I get no changes, it doesn’t work as expected.

OK, everyone can now forget my stupid (or incorrect) question. I got it working when I use the correct property names. thx :slight_smile:

Anyone understand expression builder and how it relates to piece properties?

For some reason I can’t seem to get the following expression to work correctly.
“((Formation==$Formation$) && (AttachLabel ==”")) || (AttachLabel==$Formation$)"

What I’m expecting, from the limited help on the syntax, is the ‘Formation’ comes from the piece you’re firing the command at where as ‘$Formation$’ comes from the piece doing the firing. But every test seems to indicate that in both cases the evaluation is on the firing at piece in which case the result is always true.

If I replace $Formation$ with the actual text it does function correctly.

Hi, try with GetProperty instead of $$:

{(Formation==GetProperty(“Formation”) && AttachLabel=="") || AttachLabel==GetProperty(“Formation”)}

or the old method I think is (with no space after the final equals sign):

AttachLabel=$Formation$ || Formation=$Formation$ && AttachLabel=