Extending set of Traits for Pieces & Prototypes

I have written an extension of SendToLocation that adds the capability to be sent directly to a Grid Location on a mapboard. Now I would like to implement this in my AH-Waterloo module before 3.1.16 is released, as it allows for automatic arrival of reinforcements on the map, which I regard as a really cool feature.

So my question is, what is the best and/or most efficient way to load my enhancement? I could do this either by overriding SendToLocation, or loading SendToLocationX, whichever makes the most sense, either overloading the id “sendTo” or using a new id “sendToX”.

I am familiar with modifying buildfiles, as this is how I tested HexGridNumberingX before I tracked down why it wouldn’t load from the Module Editor. However SendToLocation doesn’t extend r implement Configurabel, as it uses Decorator instead. It seems that a minimal implementation would be to add this new trait to the list of available models somehow, but I keep seem to be going in circles when I try to figure out where the head of the snake is.

Can someone give me a quick heads up on this?

Thanks in advance.