Extension deck now showing in window

Hi All,

By no means do I know the Vassal engine that well but being a programmer, I understand it okay. I’m having an issue getting a new deck of cards to show up on a decks page on the main module. I’ve followed all the examples of the other decks currently in the deck button but my new one isn’t showing up. Can anyone help me out with suggestions or do I need to add in a better description???

Thanks in advance.

Bah! title should read Extension deck NOT showing in window… /sigh

Some other interesting items. I created a card outside of the deck and gave it the return to deck attribute. When I dragged the card onto the correct map and returned it, it went to the spot where the deck is supposed to be. I’m just not getting any empty draw line that I’ve set and I’m not seeing the pile of cards I’ve added to the deck. I’ve found plenty of tutorials but all tell me to do the same thing I’ve already been doing. Still not sure why I’m not seeing my deck of cards in the deck map/play area allocated to it.

I finally figured out why the deck wasn’t show up regardless as to how many times I followed a walk-through. Turns out the deck was conflicting with a loaded base game setup. Once I removed the options for loading a presetup game I was able to see all the decks in their correct positions.