Extension error-notification request

There are quite a few extensions available for VASL, & the ‘obsolete’ ones create probs for users.

The most common prob is when an extension tries to add a gamepiece to the counter-tray when the desired ‘address’ no longer exists - the following errormsg is generated:

“Unable to create class VASSAL.build.module.ExtensionElement in data archive
Could not find in Tabbed Panel”

which is nice, except that it doesn’t name the Extension that generates the error - users may have 12 or more Extensions, and the only way to find which one is throwing the errormsg is to remove all their mdx’s from the Extensions dir, then return them 1-by-1, re-starting VASL after each one is returned.

So it’d be very helpful if the errormsg would include the extension’s filename, so users could immediately know which Extension they should remove.