Extension Problem

In the VASL mod we use extension to make new counters available.

In certain cases, these counters have a Replace with Other trait that uses a counter from the main vasl mod as the replacement. While these counters are not normally accessible within the extension editor, they when selecting the Replace with Other counter.

When the counter from the VASL mod is altered, those alterations do not seem to carry through to the extension. The Replace with Other keeps using the original version of the VASL mod counter.

Is there a way to fix this?

For various reasons I don’t want to replicate the VASL mod counter in the extension.


I was able to solve my own problem.

The top of the buildfile for the extension contains a reference to both the VASSAL module and the mod module (in my case VASLx.x.x). Updating the reference for the mod module fixed the problem. Again in my case, updating the reference from VASL6.6.1 to VASL6.6.2 resulted in the extension counters using the updated prototypes.