Fast & Easy Ancients or Napoleonics Game!


Come on just try the “Command & Colors” Ancients or Napoleonics wargame system on Vassal!

It’s easy & fast! You battle within 1H30 in the THERMOPYLES (Sparta), CANNAE (Hannibal), GAUGAMELA (Alexander the great), GERGOVIE (Caesar), Waterloo (Napoleon & Wellington) and hundreds other with a marvelous balance of realism & PLAYABILITY!

I’m Guillaume GLEIZE (GG on Vassal).
I can use SKYPE to speak directly with you during the battles.
Even if on the European time zone, I use to play with guys from America to Russia.

If interested: Just leave me a mail at:
Fast & Fun: You will love it … :slight_smile:


I just sent you an email.

I sent you an email, Guillaume. Check it out :wink: