Faux 3D Pieces...

I know this can be done with layers, but the ability to have different “sides” to a piece, allowing for totally different graphics with their own attributes such as text labels, would be invaluable. IOW, a cube with 6 possible sides, each with their own “piece” attributes. So, you would select how many sides you want the piece to have, then assign how to access each side, then have a full set of options for each side. I know you can have different layers, but those are just graphics and require s a bit if wizardry to present a new layer, as well as suppress things like text layers, and add text labels to those layers. This would be a set of “linked pieces”. This would add 5 or more complete “pieces” for information/status for every unit piece. The kinds of things that can be included is detailed reference info for that particular piece, or notes that can be added/edited, but not needed for the basic piece.

I think this would really expand the usefulness of Vassal, and save the need for accessing other areas during a game, so each piece can have advanced stats and information, as well as editable and even dynamic fields.

Of course, I may not know what I don’t know, and this all may be doable in Vassal already.


You could use Replace With Other traits to substitute in place (or as needed) the initial counter with a new one, showing a different image and having its own set of different attributes and traits.

Amen, seen this done in several modules.