Feature Request - Warning about Deck Stacking

I would like to add another option to decks to warn users of deck stacking

Option on a deck that if enabled will pop up a msg asking them if they really want to complete this. (The undo button works well for undoing this but there was mention of preventing this)

Simply adding a bool to watch for this and if enabled prompt the user in the SendToDeck(). Seems simple. Useful?

Thus spake “vbbartlett”:

What’s the intended use case for this?


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In my case it was a request from a user, on Star Wars Epic Duels, the users select decks from a list and move them to the table. In some cases they could accidently put more than one deck on another deck. The request is to provide a popup asking them to confirm this operation. The feature is an option for the deck to provide confirmation if one deck is moved to another. It is just one more way to provide user feedback to new users.