Federation and Empire

Hello There,

I am up for a game of Federation and Empire, any scenario, but I need that someone to teach me a bit of the way things are done in Vassal (I downloaded Vassal engine AND F&E mods, all of them). But I am eager and willing ;)

I played F&E extensively on table for years before 2002, but since then not much, because I live out of country.

A single quick scenario to begin with, for learning the Vassal way + reminding the rules of F&E (I have all books here at home) will be great.

Anyone interested, just contact me ;)


i am really eager to play the game and i know vassal quite well from both making some games and playing with a few friends but i don’t know Federation and Empires and if you are willing to teach me i am willing to teach you

I’m interested as well. I know F&E pretty well (though I don’t have all of the 2000 expansion rules). And I’ve messed around with Vassal enough and in particular the F&E map/chit sets to have a good handle on them.

That’s great, Corea.

We are holding a meeting to discuss this with Dogmirian tomorrow wednesday around 12.00 pm english time on Skype first, and after on vassal server, on a virgin F&E board. Can you be there?

(my skype in PM)

I’m not very close to GMT time, and I haven’t really played F&E in about… 12 years? But I’ve always been a big fan. Just never have the chance to play. I also have the mod for vassal, but I have no real experience with Vassal. If you guys decide to play one of the larger campaigns with multiple players, I think I would have a lot of fun playing one of the smaller factions.

Hello all players of F&E.

I propose that sunday 16th around 14 GMT (2 pm GMT) for those who are up to it, to make the beginning of the Four Powers War, the scenario taking place 10 years before the General War.

If you have the scenario (normally in Fighter Operations to begin with), read the special rules like the supply limitations and technology limitations.

Whoever is interested just send me a message, and let’s try to have fun around this particularly nice and fun scenario. The set-up is already made in the many saves of the F&E mod, so nothing to worry about placement, except if the placement of fleet is not to your liking, then we will place them as we wish in the scenario limitations and fleet deployment limitations.

See you, I hope, beginner or experienced player. It’s a nice training scenario ;)

Still searching to make some nice scenarios or campaigns around Federation and Empire like :

  • The Four Powers War
  • The Twisted Wind (Military Fed-Klingon Alliance vs the rest)
  • The Eastern Wind (the GW begins on the other side of the Galaxy)
  • Or simply a nice General War with an ISC and some Andromedans along the end with dedicated people.

Some very difficult rules we can leave behind (like the Klingon SFG, the ground troops rules, the development of colonies, or whatever, to be decided between players) or we can take them all. Some are nice, like the admirals, or the battle groups, the Electronic Warfare, the raids…

To discuss between the players.

For the GW, a number of 4-5 could be enough since some powers can be knocked out of the war in the early stages. But that’s as everyone wishes. The more we are, the more fun it will be :slight_smile:

Answer this post or send me an PM.