Fight battle elsewhere

Hi all.

I just joined today and took a quick look through forums and FAQs but would like to know if it is possible to use VASSAL engine for campaign and tabletop for local battles? To have the battles resolved outside of VASSAL and have the units in VASSAL updated somehow?

I think a PC game called Empires In Arms used to do that but I think you had to download a datafile, edit it and then upload it back in for the results to take affect.


Thus spake marshalmax:


Yes, you can update VASSAL logs or saved games from results generated
elsewhere. It could be done either manually, or if you were very
adventureous you could write a script to modify the logs ore saved
games. (Updating files outside of VASSAL is tricky but possible with
with VASSAL 3, but will be much simpler with VASSAL 4.)


Sounds great. Thanks for the reply.