File Attachments


usually forums allow for files to be attached to posts (up to certain size) but I dont see this feature available.
It might be handy to have this. For example when demonstrating how to use something in vassal, like the symbolic dice request.

When I made up the demo mod for Tim the file size was only 18kb - bare bone module showing how to acheive something which I emailed off to him and Jerry.

If we were able to attach these small demo mods to posts, instead of have to email them off individually, then the examples would be available for all

Perhaps the limit could be set at 25kb


Doh! This is already installed, it should be working Tim. :confused:

It’s 3am here so I’ll take a look at it tomorrow.

Ben, did you take a look for this? All I see in posting is the ability to attach images. I dont see anything for attaching files though

It should be working now Tim. Max filesize is 256kb