fire in the east

Hmmmm downloade the relatively new fire in the east.
Get it setup… but when closing it down , there came some warnings that my maximum heap wasnt enough… and i tried to raise it but to no avail.
I quit the game and now when trying to start it there will be no functioning game at all , everything is wrong with those heaps…
I am able to play all my other games but not this one ???

Any suggestions ?

Yes I have one. I will upload a 3.4.11 version of the game within the next 2 days (hopefully) and those problems should be eliminated. I use a starting heap of 512 and a maximum heap of 2048. There are a lot of counters with a lot of “stuff” attached to them. Jim

The latest version of Fire in the East is 3.20. It is being uploaded now and replacing the version that was using 3.5 beta vassal version. This latest version of Fire in the East uses vassal version 3.4.11. It should load and run fine now, but use starting heap size 512 and max heap 2048 to be on the safe side as there are a lot of information attached to each counter. (Also, if you have a transport air unit that is affected by an Air to Air combat, only the transport air unit itself will reflect the damage from the Air to Air combat, Its cargo, towed glider and the glider’s cargo will not show the results of the combat as, per the rules, they all suffer the same result as the transport air unit.) Thanks, Jim. (Let me know if you have any questions or find a problem or would like to play a game.)