Fire in the Lake

Anyone up for a game of Fire in the Lake? I need three more players. Write me here or into PM box.

I had two players write to me via PM, one of them asking to be a fourth player. I have another player with whom I’m in contact via email.

Please write in here when you would be available, so we can coordinate a session, hopefully even with full four players.

Im free this friday night, saturday night and should be free sunday lunchtime onwards - that work for anyone??


Both of these work for me. I’m trying to coordinate with one more guy, so we might hopefully even get a three player game going, if not four.

I’m in for Friday or Saturday. I am EST/GMT -4

I propose Saturday 20:00 EST / GMT-4

Guys I’m really sorry got to work today. I will have to pull out. Sorry again have a good game.

And I ended up forgetting. Hmm. Any suggestions for next time?

Im good all next weekend!