First Scrollable List Tab Doesn't Activate A List

The first scrollable list tab doesn’t do anything when I click on it. There are several counters in that list and it used to work fine.

I’ve rearranged the order of the marker tabs and whichever list ends up in the first tab will not activate a list window when I click on it. All the other tabs work fine.

Has anybody run into this problem? What am I doing wrong?


That image has an error.

The tab “A-Move” is the Map Shading Layer NOT the tab with both arrows.


It’s there; you don’t just see it because the bottom edge of your map window is pushed up as far as possible. Pull down the bottom window edge, and it should appear.

These are piece palettes, and there’s an unusual feature about them. The first palette is always docked under the chat line, and all following ones are detached free windows. I always prefer them to be detached, so I always make the first one a dummy that I set to be hidden.