First Timer Here - Opponents Wanted

Hi All,

Just discovered this site, but I’m interested in getting started.

Wanted to start out with something simple like AH Battle of the Bulge, Waterloo, or Gettysburg.

My name is John and I live in Toronto, Canada. Not sure if you are interested but I am a great enthusiast of ‘Russian Front’, the E version with the extended maps. It is a medium complexity game with deep strategy. I have the patience to teach you everything you need to know and get you up to speed. You would only need to read the basic rules (12 pages) and I can teach you everything else.

This game is very fluid with lots of space to maneuver and special rules that allow armor to breakthrough and exploit. Beautiful map of Russia and nice counters. Best played live for the opening turns because game is somewhat interactive.

Hope you find the opponents you are looking for, maybe I will be one of them. Warn you about this game, I have found it worse than crack cocain.



So I live east coast, but my hours are long and erratic, so I’m not available to play live. Read the rules for Russian Front they seem a bit too interactive for PBEM. Am I right? Have you tried Russian Campaign?

I would be glad to give you a game of AH Battle of the Bulge. I have both the original version and the updated one (somewhere in my garage) but have only found the original version on vassal (maybe I missed it). This would be my first time with Battle of the Bulge, but have longed to play it and was just going to post an Opponents Wanted for this when i saw your post.

If you still are interested, drop me an email at

Look forward to a good, friendly game. Don’t worry about first time. Its a snap. I am rather new myself.