Flashing issues rendering images?

When opening and running my latest module http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Pax_Renaissance:_2nd_Edition, starting a new game and then just scrolling down (not too slowly) the image in the main map is showing flashing white spaces, before the image settles down properly.

I tried clearing the cache and reloading but the problem persists. I have asked other people to download the module and try it and they confirmed the issue.

Could some engine developer check this out and confirm the issue?

This was with 3.5.5 as well as 3.5.6.

P.S. The main map window is a 3x3 multiple board setup, with most of the boards having multiple zones and around 50 game piece layers are defined on this map, if that might help.

I can’t replicate the problem. My guess is that you’re setting the max heap too low, which causes tiles to fall out of the in-memory image cache too quickly.

Hi, thanks for checking this out. Heap Size is set to default values in my install (Win10 64 bit). I tried doubling it, but no change.

More than tiles falling out they seem like tiles falling in too slowly, because the flashing white images are showing towards the bottom of the window, scrolling down, before the image fully resolves.

I recorded a brief video (less than a minute) to demonstrate the issue: loom.com/share/d6a00cafdd5e … 4790afce84

The heap settings you’ve shown are for the module importer. Those have no effect on the module you’re running. The heap settings for the module are found in the Preferences in the Player window when you have the module loaded (and to take effect will require the module to be reloaded after you’ve adjusted them).

Ok, here is another brief video where I show the heap size preferences within the module itself:
loom.com/share/7af181d290d0 … ecb8eeb30c

These were now set at 1024, which is double the default of 512. The problem persists.

Before doing this test I cleared all the tiles for all modules, closed Vassal (3.5.6), reopened it and ran the module just once before to tile all images anew. Then I closed the module and started the recording.

You seem to have successfully increased the heap size for the module this time.

What you’re seeing is normal behavior. The tiles have to load before they can be displayed.