Flip thru more than two states?

If you use “loop through layers” it seems you can only increase or decrease through them when there are more than 2. With just two, you can loop through them by flipping the counter.

Is there a way to loop through three or more layers by just using the Flip command?

Not sure what you want to do…
There is no such “Flip command”: in fact, a flip command is an “Increase level” command with “loop through layers” enabled, and whose Menu Command text is set to “Flip” (as this text makes sense for a 2-sided marker).

You can use the same setting whatever the number of layers: by just using a single “Increase level” command, you will loop through all the layers (1->2->3->4->1->2…)

Makes sense, will give that a try, thanks. I was used to “flip” replacing “activate” when editing the layer but indeed it should be able to replace “increase level” just as easily.