Flipping cards simultaneously

I’m trying to create a module where combat is done by a glorified Paper Scissors Rock type of situation, but with three cards. One player chooses a card and puts it face down in a discard area, Another player does the same for the enemy from a separate deck and it goes into a separate discard. I’d like to make a button on the play field that will flip the cards at the same time, but only to those single cards in each of those two discard pile instead of having to right click and flip individually. Any idea how?

Make a separate Map Board that will be used as the “combat” area.

Both players play their cards face down on this board.

Also on this board, make a Global Command Button that gives the trigger to turn the cards over.
Only the cards in the combat area will be affected by the button and they will be revealed at the same time.

I tried this, but it doesn’t really work. Also since the deck is shared by all players instead of putting a copy of each deck in the players hand I put it in the combat window. I have the mask trait set as CTRL+F but when I set up a global command to send out the CTRL+F (with obscured to others being true and if there was at least one card in the discard for the opposing discard deck) Nothing happened.

I have uploaded a test module here:


There are 3 cards in a deck and they all show the card back.

You can move the cards from the deck to the “table” normally. While on the table,
you can flip them using the right mouse button.

There is also a Global Command Button along the top menu. It will flip all cards that
are not currently in the deck.

When you return a card to the deck, it reverts to showing the card back.

Alright got it, but now how do I set it up so they will only flip in the discard pile?

I tried {Hero_Combat_Discard_numPieces == 1 & Monster_Combat_Discard_numPieces == 1} but that doesn’t seem to do it.

Must the discard area be defined as a deck?

Can’t you just have a space on the table that is surrounded by a box and call that the “discard pile”?

You can move the cards from the Player’s hand to the discard pile. After you flip the cards in the discard pile you can move them back to their original decks or anywhere else you want them.


True. Thanks for the help Brian

So I’m thinking in the long term. I need to create a button to set up the decks by shuffling them all before deleting itself or making itself disappear. But first I’d like to do it to the battle map (unless of course I can do that with the decks I will add in the future to the main map with the game board at the same time) and then I will set it for the main map eventually.

mediafire.com/?k84awzu4ztslvba what I have so far. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.