Flipping the map


Is there a simple way to flip a map when playing a module.

In this case it is La Batailee de Quatre Bras.

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You would have to make the map one big game piece with a rotate trait. However, any map trait you have (zone, regions, etc.) will not rotate with it.

That’s sounds like a big no. :frowning:

It’s supposedly on the agenda for version 4.
I don’t like the point-of-view of a number of modules. The Russian Campaign, for example, is always shown from the German POV, which is really irritating, since that is not the POV one usually looks at a map of Russia.

A much requested feature. Unfortunately, the layout of the map is deeply ingrained into the internal structure of Vassal 3, there is just no way to add that ability to the existing system.

Vassal 4 will be designed from the start to separate the internal representation of the game and the external display of it. Viewing a map from any side will be probably be built-in from day 1.

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile: