Flying colors

Hiya, I’d be interested in a game of Flying colors and any of the expansions. Let me know if anyone’s interested.


I would like to try Flying colour on VASSAL.
I live in Italy, I’v played the game when it was published and bought the “ship of the line” expansion too.
I only need some days to re-read the rules and become familiar with the vassal module.
Let me know if you are interested in playing with me.
It is possible for me to play PBEM and also live but I do not know where do you live and must say that actually
it would be easier for me to play by Email…



If either of you guys, or anyone else for that matter, are still looking for a game. Look me up.
Preferred method of play is via PBEM.

Hello, I’m still looking for a game, but I think playing Flying colours over PBEM would be unwieldy, especially as one player activates a ship, then the other one, then the first one, playing the game via PBEM ship by ship would be pretty messy.

So definitely online play for me.


if you’re still interested I’d like to play Flying Colors via PBEM. I’v played the original board game some years ago and have just started to play on Vassal. Perhaps we could get started with some of the smaller scenarios? :slight_smile:


I’d love to get a game of Flying Colors or Serpents of the Seas going some time. Let me know.

  • James

Uhm, I’m played quite a few games of Flying Clolors and others on Vassal.
Via PBEM…(don’t care for Skype and the likes0 :frowning:
I find FC one of the best game for PBEM. Works extremely well.
The game mechanics are near perfect…

Forgot to mention.
Will take on all challenges.
You can find me here.